Pollyanna -  - 9780194247306
EAN: 9780194247306
Editado por: Oxford University Press
Materia: Lecturas en inglés
Colección: Dominoes
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Publicado el: 1 Diciembre 2010
Nº Edición: 1
Nº páginas: 0
Encuadernación: Rústica

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Ideal for elementary learners of English looking to improve and practise their English.
The book is filled with useful vocabulary that is carefully graded and easy to understand, it also comes with audio, so that you can listen to the story at the same time as reading.When Pollyanna's father dies, she goes to live with her Aunt, Miss Polly Harrington.
Miss Harrington likes doing good, but she doesn't like children very much!Pollyanna always tries to find the good in everything.
She soon makes many different people in her new home feel happier.
But is Miss Polly's life going to change for better or worse after her niece arrives? And what happens to Pollyanna when she has a very bad accident?