Demon Headmaster, The

Demon Headmaster, The -  - 9780198320647
EAN: 9780198320647
Editado por: Oxford University Press
Materia: Lecturas en inglés
Publicado el: 18 Septiembre 2003
Nº Edición: 1
Nº páginas: 88
Encuadernación: Rústica

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Book Description
Publication Date: 18 Sep 2003 | Series: Oxford Modern Playscripts
An engaging classroom playscript. A group of friends take a stand against the actions of their Headmaster, who wants to take over the world.

Strange things happen at Lloyd and Harvey Hunter's school. When their new foster sister Dinah arrives she wants to find out why...but can she escape the Demon Headmaster?

New, innovative activities specifically tailored to support the KS3 Framework for Teaching English and help students to fulfil the Framework objectives. Activities include work on Speaking and Listening, close text analysis, and the structure of playscripts, and act as a springboard for personal writing