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“At a moment in cultural history dominated by the shallow, the superficial, the quick fix, Marilynne Robinson is a miraculous anomaly: a writer who thoughtfully, carefully, and tenaciously explores some of the deepest questions confronting the human species. . . . Poignant, absorbing, lyrical...Robinson manages to convey the miracle of existence itself.” ?Merle Rubin, Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Incandescent . . . magnificent . . . [a] literary miracle.” ?Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly (A)

“Rapturous . . . astonishing . . . Gilead is an inspired work from a writer whose sensibility seems steeped in holy fire.” ?Lisa Shea, Elle

“Lyrical and meditative . . . potently contemplative.” ?Michele Orecklin, Time

“Perfect.” ?Jeremy Jackson, People(four stars)

“Major.” ?Philip Connors, Newsday

“You must read this book. . . . Altogether unlike any other work of fiction, it has sprung forth more than twenty years after Housekeeping with what I can only call amazing grace.” ?Anne Hulbert, Slate

“So serenely beautiful and written in a prose so gravely measured and thoughtful, that one feels touched with grace just to read it.” ?Michael Dirda, The Washington Post

“There are passages here of such profound, hard-won wisdom and spiritual insight that they make your own life seem richer. . . . Gilead [is] a quiet, deep celebration of life that you must not miss.” ?Ron Charles, The Christian Science Monitor

“Gilead is a refuge for readers longing for that increasingly rare work of fiction, one that explores big ideas while telling a good story. As John Ames might point out, it's a remarkable thing to consider.” ?Olivia Boler, San Francisco Chronicle
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EAN: 9781844081486
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Materia: Lecturas en inglés , Literatura norteamericana
Serie: Trilogia de América
Nº en la serie: 1
Idioma: Inglés
Publicado el: 22 Noviembre 2005
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Encuadernación: Rústica
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