Tales from Baghdad (inglés-árabe)

Tales from Baghdad (inglés-árabe) -  - 9788492442904
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Materia: Lecturas en inglés
Publicado el: 1 Septiembre 2010
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How can the outbreak of a war change our lives? What if our country were occupied? What would Sinbad, Ali Baba and Aladdin do in present-day Iraq? The stories that we present here are inspired from these famous tales from One Thousand and One Nights. Their characters share the common desire to learn, to love and to have fun, but they are faced with the reality that surrounds them, a reality of violence, misery and fear. They are characters who do not settle with what they have found but rather fight to keep going. Just as in the tales in One Thousand and One Nights, these stories aim to show that words and reasons are the best weapons against barbarism and war. Reality and fantasy join together to give back lost hopes, dreams buried in oil wells, in the looks of boys and girls who want piece today.